From all of us at NEU & KNUN, we’d like to say thank you for committing yourself so much to the English language training project. We know that fitting in the training around your normal life has been a challenge, but your OET exam is now all that stands between you and your new life in the UK. We wanted to give you as much information as possible so you know what to expect and to let you attempt the test with confidence.

Except in a few rare cases, most of you will be doing the OET@Home exam which comes with additional responsibilities for you to ensure that your environment and system are suitable for the test. We will go through all of these with you, and if you have any concerns please raise them with your Recruitment Consultant in plenty of time before the exam.

This guide is going to be updated regularly so feel free to keep coming back to see if there are any changes.

The test format

There are 4 components to the exam, split into 2 different tests. The main Listening, Reading and Writing exam will be 3 hours on either a Friday or Saturday. The Speaking test will be on a different day either before or after the main LRW test and be 30 minutes long.

The main test is delivered via computer software on your machine called ProProctor, and the speaking test will be delivered via a Zoom chat.

Please familiarise yourself with the individual components in the next section before we move on to the specific requirements.

Check your details are correct!!!!

As a matter of priority you should go to now to check your details. Ensure these match with your ID to be used on the day and that you are using the same ID as your booking shows.

Even the slightest spelling mistake, mistyped ID number or date will mean you will not be able to access the test.

Remote testing does not mean alone

In both parts of the exam, you will have access to a real person administering the testing. In the Listening/Reading/Writing part, there will be a “Proctor” available via the software, and in the Speaking part you will be connected to a real OET agent who will be talking to you. 

We would encourage you not to try and contact NEU during the testing though – phones are strictly prohibited as is any other contact outside of the test environment and we do not want to get you disqualified because of this communication. We have put together this guide to make sure you know what is involved and get you to be independent and ready for your exam. For Videos and more information please click this link……